Welcome to the new home for Latigo Customs

For years, we've wanted a new host for our website. When this was just starting out, we stuck with what we had because it felt familiar. As we matured as a business, we quickly outgrew our old host. We knew we needed to find something else, but life always seemed to get in the way. Finally we hit a point where we knew it needed to go, and that led us here. We're happy to welcome you to the new home for Latigo Customs. 

What's New?

  • More Options; previously we were limited to a total of 100 options per product. If you remember our old website, you'll remember that we had separate listings for Stuff Bags with Cordura Liners and those with Nylon Ripstop Liners. With this flexibility, we have all liner options under one listing. No need to look for a separate listing with other options.

  • New Materials; we've done away with the Nylon Ripstop liners in favor of a 400D Packcloth liner. Packcloth strikes a great balance between durability and being lightweight. It's also readily available in all the same colors we had on the old site. Though they may vary slightly as they are on different mediums from different manufacturers, we did our best to match each of our old HiVis liner colors to its best match in Packcloth.

  • New Products; while it may not make much difference to you, we have much greater access to data with our new host. This saves us time that we can put to new designs. It also gives us better insight into what patterns and colors sell best, helping us make more informed decisions when producing stocked items. 

  • Add-Ons; you may notice drop down menus for add-ons on some of our custom items. These small changes allow you to further personalize each bag. The main add-ons currently available are zipper pulls (where applicable) and thread changes. These are only a dollar per item. Zipper Pulls are US-Made 550 Paracord and come pre-installed on your bag. Thread changes allow you to change the color of all external thread on a given product. These will show up as separate items in your cart. For example, a stuff bag with zipper pulls and a thread change will show up as 3 items in the cart, not one. Please don't delete these additional items, that's how we get paid for the extra work we're doing. 

    We're excited to be here, and we hope you are too. If you have any questions about our website or our products, please use the contact us page.